Empowerment Estate Sober Living

At Empowerment Estates we provide safe, clean and sober housing for men exiting drug and alcohol recovery programs. We offer a supportive environment and a structured life style that focuses on teaching addicts in recovery the skills they need to live independently sober and functional lives. 


346 ohio street

Explore our latest opportunities and resources to support your path towards a healthier and sober lifestyle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got Questions? We Have Answers. Explore our Frequently Asked Questions to find valuable information and insights about our program, resources, and the journey to sober living

All residents pay$ 125 per week. Our home is entirely self pay and does not accept Medicaid. Bedrooms are limited to two people per room. We value the privacy and personal space of our tenants and refuse to stack beds and cram beds into small rooms.

Empowerment Estates does not require any I.O.P classes, residents are required to go to at least one AA meeting a week. Clients who see a substance abuse councilor or recovery coach  weekly are not required to go to AA. 

Residents are expected to be at least 30 days sober and able to pass a urine test and breathalyzer. We allow residents to take suboxone and methadone as prescribed  by their doctor.   

Good Location

Our home on Ohio Street is close to walkable jobs as well as several bus stops. This home is also close to the Allano, Salvation Army, and The Hope Center - all of which are great resources to help men get the jobs and support they need to be sober and successful members of society.

Good People

The men in our homes work hard to better themselves and each other. Every member of our home strives to create a supportive community for one another. We are strong believers that peer to peer relationships with other sober, like minded men is vital to our members' success.

Full Facility

Experience the comfort and convenience of free Wifi and utilities as well as on site laundry.

Simple process


The right enviroment

By removing addicts in recovery form there old environment and way of life we give them a fresh start. Moving into a home free form drugs and alcohol allows our residents to avoid triggers and old ways of thinking. Our homes give addicts in recovery a safe, supportive and sober environment they need to maintain sobriety.


Community Building

With a deep understanding of the importance of connection, we excel in creating a supportive and inclusive community where the men in our homes have the fellowship and support of each other.


structured living

We work hard to implement structure and routine into the lives of our residents because it helps them regain a sense of stability and control over there lives that was lost during addiction. By attending AA meetings, following house rules and holding down a job our residents regain there sense of purpose and create healthy habits.